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  • Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, The Fig Factor Foundation

    Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz and The Fig Factor Foundation discuss their program for Young Latinas which include education, core values, mentorships and experiences that last a lifetime.
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  • Kim Hannay, Digs with Dignity

    Digs with Dignity give those transitioning from homelessness the opportunity to rebuild their lives by creating and installing personalized interior designs furnished with upcycled and donated goods sourced from the Chicago community.
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  • Kesa Thurman-Stovall, The Golden Apple

    Kesa Thurman-Stovall of the Golden Apple is committed to making a material difference in resolving the teacher shortage through its Scholars & Accelerators programs by expanding the state’s pipeline of highly effective, diverse educators.
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  • Todd Belcore, Social Change

    Todd Belcore is using storytelling as a mechanism to inspire people to act. Social Change is a national non-profit committed to liberation and amplifying community voices through storytelling, organizing and direct action.
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  • Claudia Freed, EALgreen President

    EALgreen President Claudia Freed discusses how they partner with business communities and offer them a no cost solution to manage their surplus which they then convert into scholarships for disadvantaged youth.
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