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  • Pete Rosa

    Comcast Hero Pete Rosa and his team moved mountains to complete a brand-new fiber and coax project for the Transitional Care’s new facility in Lisle, IL. This project was completed in record time and was crucial to the facility. Pete’s efforts will ultimately help many on their road to physical recovery.
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  • IT Rocks

    The IT team's tireless and heroic effort allowed Comcast's work from home strategy to be a success. A fascinating story of Cesar Mena along with the entire IT team and how they were able to quickly set up the TSC Team and Care Team to work from home.
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  • Eddie Fairley

    Eddie Fairley is a Comcast employee that you should get to know. Eddie always goes above and beyond in making sure that all of our customers stay connected and never leaves a job until job is complete.
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  • Jonathan Surprenant

    In April of 2020, Jonathan Surprenant, Senior Business Technician, witnessed a motorist in distress and took action. Jonathan's courage compelled him to take extraordinary measures that helped save a life and also protected other innocent bystanders along the way.
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  • Joan Sage

    Comcast Hero Joan Sage was crucial in assisting a local Rockford family who was in desperate need of the internet. Joan's special story revolves around her drive to connect a family with the Internet Essentials program that ultimately helped a young family bridge the digital divide.
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  • Eric Machel

    Comcast Hero Eric Machel was on a trouble call when he noticed white smoke coming from a customer’s home. Eric quickly alerted the homeowner, contacted emergency services and because of his quick thinking was able to prevent a potential tragedy.
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